Arte della tradizione

From the hands and heart

Our creations are born from the hands of ancient knowledge, from the heart of our land, Tuscany, which makes them unique, full of charm and history. Products that last forever.

Discover our secret

Prodotti in terracotta

Forni a legna in terracotta

Terracotta wood-burning ovens

Combining meticulous research with the centuries-old tradition of working Tuscan terracotta, we have created an innovative series of wood-fired ovens made entirely of refractory terracotta, by hand in every element and certified for food use, with unique male-female joints.. Very easy to assemble, fully representing the "Made in Italy" ,a guarantee in the world.

Terracotta plates - Biscotto

Our refractory terracotta plates are handmade with a mix of 6 fine clays with certification for food use.

The particular composition of our refractory terracotta allows the creation of very thin plates, maintaining the advantages of baking on biscuit but substantially decreasing the duration of the heating, with an important energy saving.

They are excellent in baking bread, desserts, pan pizzas, shovel pizzas and in particular true Neapolitan pizza that requires high temperatures for cooking.

Piastre in terracotta

Barbecue in terracotta

Barbeque in terracotta

With the style and particularity of terracotta, our barbecues represent a truly unique and particular object

Electric terracotta wood-burning ovens

This new product designed by FIESOLI a.RTE is made entirely by hand. It combines the beauty and resistance of the Impruneta earth with the perfect cooking of the pizza thanks to the refractory terracotta top.

Forni elettrici in terracotta

Vasi in terracotta

Pots in terracotta

Made entirely by hand with the best Impruneta terracotta, our vases have various sizes and dimensions, they are modular, ideal for gardens and windowsills.

Terracotta decorations and ornaments

Ornamental artistic decorations with real Impruneta terracotta: different objects that the Fiesoli Arte laboratory has designed to satisfy even the most complex needs to which we offer the possibility of customization, to have truly unique terracotta ornaments.

Decori ed ornamenti in terracotta

Raffigurazioni sacre in terracotta

Sacred representations in terracotta

Sacred images in terracotta that have always been an expression of Tuscan artists, handmade to order.

About us

Excellent stones, for cooking at very high temperatures and without burning the bottom, therefore recommended especially for Neapolitan pizza. Buy already for the classic oven, the Ferrari G3 and also for the Extreme illillo, which with my rotating modification, it is a marvel! I also recently bought the koda 16 and later on I will consider whether to take the Fiesoli stone for this oven as well.
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