Terracotta Art

a story of Tuscan master craftsmen

Fiesoli arte lavorazione terracotta

Val d'Orcia landscape and its cypresses inspired Fiesoli when he decided to create his own line of garden accessories with Terra dell'Impruneta characteristic.

Shaped by hand, objects in terracotta FIESOLI a.RTE are unique in both their functionality as in their making.

Each product is unique, handmade and cooked with traditional Tuscan techniques that give not only craftsmanship timeless beauty, but also an extraordinary resistance.

The characteristic composition of Terra dell'Impruneta, his pinkish color, is its chemical composition: quartz and iron make this material particularly resistant to weather and frost.

The different complements FIESOLI a.RTE are modular and customizable to each other, to create the corners in the garden or on the terrace with a unique style and timeless.

The products are guaranteed for two years in all their parts.

Ceramic art: the work process represents an ancient knowledge to be preserved and handed down.

Modelling Imprunetina clay is “RELEASE THE IDEA” in a terracotta manufatto, control it with our hand, giving to the object an unique shape.
So laboring terracotta Imprunetina is a pleasure, which is transmitted to the final product giving it the characteristic appearance of the handmade.

Modellare argilla impruneta

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